With the passage of time the marine resources around Mauritius are depleting due to several socio-economic and environmental problems. Focus should eventually be given on aquaculture resources.

MAURICOAST Ltd proposes to set up the first Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture system in Mauritius. Our project aims at bringing a sustainable aspect in the Mauritian blue revolution. Due to the slow economic growth, the local government is now promoting the Ocean Economy as a new economic sector. Consequently, the openwater aquaculture of finfish is now an established industry around the island and is growing fast with the arrival of new commercial operators.

Our project intends to bring a new dimension to the aquaculture industry by promoting a shift from monoculture to integrated polyculture. The integration aspect of the aquaculture production system not only lowers the business risk by producing a diversified portfolio of products with nutritive and commercial values, but also allows the establishment of a biotimigative tool around existing commercial open-water monoculture. The Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture has the potential to transform the Mauritian blue revolution into a turquoise revolution.