About Us

Mauricoast Ltd main business activity is to promote Aquaculture farming for local distribution and exports. It disposes the appropriate and sufficient seasurface to realize its Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture system at “Bassin Humbert” in the Northeast of the Island of Mauritius, at Poudre D’or. It has a 46 hectare lagoon altogether with enough land surface eventually appropriate for implementation of aquaculture hatcheries and for aqua-farming operations as per the Preliminary Site Analysis Report submitted by an Australian firm, Biosys Consulting Pty Ltd, in February 2016. Poudre D’or village and vicinities disposes of necessary human resources that can find employment in the aquaculture plant that will be operated by Mauricoast Ltd.

Mauricoast Ltd is committed to promoting aquaculture farming in Mauritius. The objectives in implementing the sustainable aquaculture project are to:

Our Team



Mr. Aditya BOYGAH [Dip Mult, BCS, MBA]
Project Analyst (Affiliated to SEAFDEC-AQD in Philippines in Aquaculture Research & Development Programs). Mr Aditya BOYGAH is a Master Business Management professional. Having more than 15 years of working experience, he possesses multiple skills covering many fields including: Business Development and Administration, Product & Market Research, Human Resource Management & Development, Marketing Enhancement, Project Administration & Facilities Management, Computer Administration, Design & Technology, Research & Development, Accounts & Finance, Employment Law, Aquaculture, etc.


Dr. Devarajen VAITILINGON ( Principal Scientist)
Dev is a scientific and business professional with over 20 years of experience in the aquaculture industry. He has a solid background in research and development in the aquaculture sector, acquired while working at universities in Belgium and Australia. He is technically proficient in designing aquaculture systems for intensive production and R&D facilities. He has direct experience in conducting high-level research works related to sea urchin and sea cucumber aquaculture, resulting in 17 published peer-reviewed papers on the subject so far. In addition, he has extensive experience in the breeding techniques of a range of fish and shellfish species of aquaculture interest.

Mr. Yashodhar BOYGAH